Dental care is important! In nature, animals clean their teeth in a natural way. Currently, dogs receive nutrients from feed, but they lack dentifrices. Here’s the opportunity to offer your dog a full natural chewy delight. Doonchoo snacks antler pieces are an ideal care for the teeth of your four-legged darling.

When buying, please make sure that you choose the correct size and type of antler. A lot of cheerful fun 🙂 !

1pcs per package

Dimensions: N/A
Weight: N/A

Exquisite mineral source, structure and strength ideal for dental care. It is renewable raw material, as animals naturally fade once a year. The harvested antler is harvested exclusively by hand from the wild. The more fresh the antler, the more nutrients it contains, the better it is for your sweetheart. Added value due to the content of valuable nutrients in optimal proportions! Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, etc.

Analytical ingredients: Crude ash 52.2% • Crude protein 37.87% • Moisture 7.81% • Crude fiber 0.56% • Fat 0.23% • Mineral in 100 g: Calcium 20.3 g • Phosphorus 10.7 g • iron 7.06 mg • magnesium 440 mg • sodium 0.5 g • potassium 0.04 g.

Moose antlers are ideal for Puppies and Juniors – they are friendly to the teeth, they help to get rid of them, they train their jaw muscles and permanent teeth. They are also the best choice for senior dogs – soft structure, suitable for chewing and health problems.

Deer antlers are extraordinary chewy fun with higher resistance. Whole pieces of antler are suitable for experienced Doonchoo Snacks lovers. Halfheads are designed for beginners dogs, who have no experience of chewing the antlers yet.

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